Re: field gear

Adrian Tanner (atanner@MORGAN.UCS.MUN.CA)
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 12:38:45 -0330

On Wed, 14 Dec 1994, Marsha Quinlan wrote:

> 'Tis the season. Rob (my man) and I thought we would buy eachother some
Christm > as field gear. We will need it for a site-finding trip that we
have planned to > Venezuela this summer. Do any of you have suggestions?
[more deleted]
> Hope to hear from you. --Marsha >

Go for the medium-tech. Also, go for the small versions of familiar things
- cameras, radios. If you can afford it, a video camera/playback unit like
the Sharp Viewcam, so you can show your hosts in colour what they look
like on video, as well as being a fantastic record-keeping device for your
research. Hi-8 for good quality picture. You can even get acceptable paper
prints from the shots on your tapes when you get back home, so it can
replace your snapshot-quality still camera. Flashlights (no long summer
twilight in the tropics) - especially the kind without batteries that you
pump; take extra to give away as presents.

It sounds tropical and wet - take lots of ziplock bags of all sizes for
food, and, with the addition of silica gel, for all your equipement. They
wear out with use, so have a surplus of them. Take all your old clothes and
give them away there; buy appropriate dress locally.

Adrian Tanner