Peter B Palij (pbp1@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Wed, 15 Dec 1993 01:01:28 -0500


Morris Holbrook has published a number of academic articles exploiting
anthropological themes and theories in the marketing arena; in
particular, advertising and consumption.

The two "straight" anthropology works of relevance:

McCracken, Grant (1988), _Culture_and_Consumption:_New_Approaches_to_
_the_Symbolic_Character_of_Consumer_Goods_and_Activities_. Bloomington
IN: Indiana University Press.

Douglas, Mary and Baron Isherwood (1979), _The_World_of_Goods_. New York
NY: Basic Books.

>From a Marketing academic perspective, I would strongly recommend:

O'Shaughnessy, John (1992), _Explaining_Buyer_Behavior:_Central_Concepts_and_
_Philoshophy_of_Science_Issues_. New York NY: Oxford University Press.

John's book uses insights from Anthropology, Marketing, Philosophy of
Science, Psychology, and Sociology to explore ways of modeling and
understanding buyer behavior (definitely a senior MBA or Ph.D. level
book). It also provides an extremely broad bibliography.


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