Re: Mob Scenes (lengthy)

John DUAmato (jdamato@CLN.ETC.BC.CA)
Wed, 8 Dec 1993 17:56:55 -0800

I agree Steve, current stats show that most of us will change careers, not
jobs, at least 6 times during our working life. The problems is that many
of us enter the field without the basic knowledge of career
development that is needed to survive in todays market. The days of finder
a secure position in an academic environment are gone for most of us.
Economic survival in anthropology or any other field depends on diversity
and flexibility. I completed undergrad work in history, education and
anthropology; I am at present working on an masters in computer science,
and i plan to undertake grad work in archaeology when that is finished.
Right now I am making a good living teaching high school and doing
consulting on the side. The bottom line is that I apply all of my skill on
a daily basis. Though I may not be a "professional anthropologist", I
see anthropology as a salient part of my life now and in the future no
matter in what capacity I apply it. My advice to younger folks entering
any field is to spend a fair amount of time and effort looking into career
development as well as basic business skills. Anthropology is a wide open
field if one has the imagination and ambition.