Wed, 8 Dec 1993 21:05:39 EST

Dan J.,
The position that you've just taken - "the profession produces too much
damn verbiage, but I intend to produce as much as I can to advance my
career" - is called hypocrisy. But that's OK, you're not the first
anthropologist to be a hypocrite. :-) Really, I'm not being mean, we all
indulge in hypocrisy for various reasons...
At this point I'm choosing to be (somewhat) consistent. I don't think
there are too many anthropologists. There are too few resources provided
to us. I think what we do is pretty important. The economists don't complain
that their conferences are too crowded or their profession is too full, and
I think they produce way too little for how many resources *they* are
I think anthropologists are worth more than what we're given,
regardless of whether we're using pomo or positivo approaches. Dan, instead
of crying hypocritically that everybody else should leave the room because
it's too full (so you can have it to yourself), why not try and do what you
can to make sure resources are allocated for more of us...
I happen to think we deserve it. Maybe you don't.