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On Wed, 8 Dec 1993 seeker1@MAPLE.CIRCA.UFL.EDU wrote:

> Danny,
> I am not surprised that anthropologists don't seem to give a crap for
> epistemology. At least the physicists seem to care a minute bit about it
> more than us.This is what hyperreality is all about. If you don't get it,
> you don't get it.
> Seeker1

The epistemology Seeker1 refers to is perhaps better known as
deception...and anthropologists have long been interested in that...just
ask poor margaret mead....

however...let me ask a question...the novelty of this medium seems to
require the invention of novel words to justify its we have
hyperreality and ireality...and if you don't get it you don't get it....

sounds like freud dismissing otto rank by diagnosing him....

some novelty, seeker1....really just the same old same old...


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