Re: Colonial Resistence

Mon, 6 Dec 1993 18:56:12 -0500

I'm behind on responses- sorry.
*OK, OK, so I misspelled "resistance". Nobody's perfect.

*Apologies for the 'carrion eating' crack. I had no idea you were so sensitive.

*Supply & demand is a non-starter. There is a demand for street drugs and yet
the supply is interfered with by law. Society reserves the right to define
some behaviour as damaging to the public good, and the US (despite endless
appeals to its 'freedom') is no different. Tell me what 'public good' is served
by the details of the grisly deaths of those girls being broadcast.

*I was watching a Detroit TV station when they broke for a 'News at 11" 15 sec
slot. Two frighteningly intense people behind a desk popped up and one said:
"Coming up at 11, the actual voices of the 4 children phoning 911 before they
were burned to death in a house fire tonight".

* What if Paul Teals victims had been boys? In terms of media community
standards, the portrayal of the sexual death of women/girls is acceptably
titillating. Of men/boys, sick. There seems to be something resembling
'censorship' built into the media 'freedom' anyway. Gordon Roe