Colonial Resistence

Gordon Roe Univ Western Ontario (ROE@SSCL.UWO.CA)
Sat, 4 Dec 1993 12:46:38 -0500

efforts of the American media to breach a court-ordered ban on publishing
details of the rape and murder of many women here (the Paul Teale/Karla
Holmolka case). My 1st amendment 'rights' to know/be titillated are being
asserted by border radio & TV stations, papers, magazines and, most recently,
on-line BBs. Apparently, Americans can decide that I have these rights and that
they will be exewrcised on my behalf in this case, and in this way.
How did I come by American rights? How did I lose Canadian responsibilities?
Is this about *our* freedom to know, or about *your* freedom to tell? Sex
sells, but when did it become my duty to buy?
A timid voice from the colonial periphery nervously awaits the wisdom of the

Gordon Roe

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