Re: Colonial Resistence

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On Mon, 6 Dec 1993, Daniel A Ponech wrote:

> On Mon, 6 Dec 1993, JOHN LANGDON wrote: > > > What you suffer from is
not neoColonialism but tyranny of the tabloid mentality.
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Interesting that what should be the issue of the trial judge imposing a
ban on information about the trial itself - the plea, the evidence against
which the sentence was weighed, and so on - is reduced instead to a
concern that the great unwashed masses not get their dirty little minds on
the gory details of the murder.

I have spoken with many - too bloody many, the story is 4 months old now -
people about their feelings about the ban and not a single one who feels
the ban should be overturned feels this way because they want access to
the details of the crimes. Rather, their concern is that the trial, by
being carried out in secret, raises doubts about the administration of
justice and the constitutional right to equal protection [ can't have
equal protection if you don't know the details of a trials procedure].

To reduce the issue to keeping the gory details away from the vulture
tabloids and the no-brains who read them is elitist drivel, folks. The
issue is not the right to know how those young women died. The issue is
the right to know how the accused are being dealt with. Judge Kovacs ban
violates that right.

If this were a secret trial in South Africa, we'd all be dusting off out
Amnesty International membership cards. Instead, we belittle and insult
the people of Ontario by suggesting that some elitist comittee of
non-tabloid readers know whats best for the great unwashed.



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