24 Sep 1996 14:11:04 GMT

Is everyone ready? -- The wackiness continues!

Publius ( wrote:

: Those of us who have been probing the workings of the
: Atheist/Darwinist mentalities have come up against a puz-
: zling quirk in their thinking process:

Shrug. At least we've *got* a thinking process!

: If they really believe what they preach, then they should
: readily admit that as the Evolutionary Process continues, it
: is just a matter of time till Man is succeeded by a Being as
: superior to Man as Man is to the Ape. Instead, some say that
: Evolution "was" but no longer "is" - its possibilities evidently
: exhausted.

HAWHAWAHAWHAWHAWHAW! C'mon, Puby -- document *one* "evolutionist" that
says this! You're too much!

Don't dispair, folks -- he'll be back!

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Judge a man by his questions
rather than his answers.
- Voltaire