Re: the arrogance of postmodern mumbo jumbo

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24 Sep 1996 14:19:49 GMT

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: In article <>, wrote:
: Yet there is much much more to this...
: MB Williams, Lenny and others fail to see the truth behind Bryant's
: speculation that the AMERICAN wild embrace of PM has something to do with
: the fall of Communism.

Um, one hopes that this nation-state based reduction of an intellectual
discipline, even of the Americanist sub-discipline as practiced in the
majority-culture US is ... extensible to "others" who share a theoretical
framework of post-modernism/post-processualism?

: Yes--indeed it does.
: How, you ask?

Because time runs backwards???

: Because just as the 80's ...

So Eric Wolf is in fact Edgar Cacye, or at least has a high-reliability
crystal ball and can see two-plus decades into the future? Somehow the
causal relationships appear to be strained by this explination of social
history in post-colonial First-World/Third-World Intellectualisms.

: of intellectuals, nurtured by the 60's Vietnam era of protest, and radical
: idealism,

Odd, I suppose that combat vets (US, Kiwi, Canadian, Aussie, even ARVN) who
publically hold PoMo views (academic, polemic, and political) could be so
characterized (as "nutured by ... protest"), and longitudinal studies of the
families of US Vietnam-era enlistees support an overwhelming affiliation with
such radical ideals as equality and economic enfranchisement...

The poster must be going somewhere, but where, and why???

: PM is the last gasp of the last generation of epistemological relativists
: from avoiding utter collapse -- from facing the failure of their own false
: egalitarian ideology...


: It's the same thing today in American humanities w/ PM-ism -- as with the
: epistemological solipsim of Post-WWII French intellectualism -- only the
: contexts are different. (And, one might add, the perspectives of the
: non-relativist intellectuals of France are steadfastly witheld from
: American shores, i.e., from English translations and U.S. publication, as
: a reviewer in a recent issue of <The Public Interest> noted.)

This is wierd. I don't know a single person in US academia who pretends to
an opinion on French Intellecutal History, who can't (and doesn't) read at
the very least LMD and at least one current theory journal. The notion that
some aspects of French Intellecutal debate are not making it across the Pond
requires that extant people become inextant...

: ---- Orson Olson, Univ. Of Colorado, Boulder

Not a friend of Robert Johnson by any chance are you? Like RJ, you do seem
to perch on a soapbox with a rather visible distain for the risk of a slip,
and your critique does rely rather heavily upon indirect means.

Eric Brunner