What's a picture?

Robert Long (boblong@taconic.net)
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 13:38:23 GMT

Somewhere I know I have read about someone who took a camera with him
in visiting a so-called primative culture (in Africa??) that had never
before been exposed to photography. When he showed pictures of their
friends and themselves to the people who lived there, he discovered
that they had no idea how to look at pictures and couldn't recognize
even familiar people and objects in the prints. They had to be taught
how to see flat pictures as a respresentation of three-dimensional

I need to cite this experience in a book I'm working on but can no
longer find the reference. Who wrote it--C.G. Jung? Edwin Land?
Beaumont Newhall? I have no recollection. I've been told that this
experience is included in a course taught at NYU, but I've been unable
to learn which one. How does one research such a question on the