Re: What's a picture?

Matt Silberstein (
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 18:52:07 GMT

In sci.anthropology (Robert Long) wrote:

>Somewhere I know I have read about someone who took a camera with him
>in visiting a so-called primative culture (in Africa??) that had never
>before been exposed to photography. When he showed pictures of their
>friends and themselves to the people who lived there, he discovered
>that they had no idea how to look at pictures and couldn't recognize
>even familiar people and objects in the prints. They had to be taught
>how to see flat pictures as a respresentation of three-dimensional

>I need to cite this experience in a book I'm working on but can no
>longer find the reference. Who wrote it--C.G. Jung? Edwin Land?
>Beaumont Newhall? I have no recollection. I've been told that this
>experience is included in a course taught at NYU, but I've been unable
>to learn which one. How does one research such a question on the

I had an anthro teach say this about some New Guinea group. But it
always sounded a little fishy to me. And I never saw it in a book, on
heard it in the lecture.

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