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>>what's the difference between schizoid and schizoaffective

> Schizoid implies being classified under the 'Diagnostic and
> Statistical Model - the infamous DSM' as schizophrenic -
> schizoaffective - would imply an 'affected' schizoid - someone
> who affected to appear that way - multi-personality - or
> multi-entity - in real life, generally in response to a
> certain situation that the original entity or personality was
> unable to handle - eg. small, wimpish person, has another
> side - Rambo - that comes out when he gets pressured or stressed
> in some way.

In psychiatry the words "affect" and "affective" refer to mood. The
disorder formerly called manic depression is now called bi-polar
affect disorder.

I believe both of the personality disorders in the original question
are set out in some detail in the DSM IV.

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