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> >>Maybe it is discrete, but what are the physical correlates that describe
> >>bisexuals? They always seem to drop off into a miscellaneous category in
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> Then in the heterosexual world, we all know about the various fetishes that
> distinguish heterosexual from heterosexual, ranging from frotteurism, to
> sadism.
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Blah Blah Blah!
i recall a recent issue (Spring '96?) of FORBE'S MEDIA WATCH -- "Hyping
the Gay Gene" -- which noted that both the samples on which the genetics
of sex orientation claim was based were very small, and that the
researchers were under investigation for scientific fraud.

If so, isn't all this deep speculation rather premature?

Aren't the genetic differences of males and females much much vaster, anyway?

Isn't the mental mastubation over supposed genetic origins of sexual
rather bizzare by comparison with this far better established genetic

-- Orson Olson, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder