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24 Sep 1996 08:59:02 -0600

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> Those of us who have been probing the workings of the
> Atheist/Darwinist mentalities have come up against a puz-
> zling quirk in their thinking process:
> If they really believe what they preach, then they should
> readily admit that as the Evolutionary Process continues, it
> is just a matter of time till Man is succeeded by a Being as
> superior to Man as Man is to the Ape.

This is a nice illustration of just how poorly creationists understand
evolutionary theory. There is no inherent progressionism in
neo-Darwinian approximations of the living world. It's right up there
with the inaccurate description of natural selection as starting and
ending with genetic mutation.

The attempt to reduce prediction-testing science to a "mere belief system"
is rampant amongst the religious right and the postmodernist left,
because both groups are upset by science's failure to confirm their own
notions. Rather than adjust notions accordingly, they shoot the
messengers, so to speak.