Re: Reply to Nicolle

David Lloyd-Jones (
18 Sep 1996 18:10:46 GMT (Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin) wrote:

>Women who finish high school, get married, have a couple kids, enter
>college when the youngest kid enters kindergarten, take seven years to
>get a four-year degree because of the distraction of kids, get a job,
>frequently take time off for family matters, take a maternity leave to
>have another kid, work half-time (sharing the position with another
>similar mother) until the kid's in first grade, somehow end up earning
>substantially less than men of the same age in the same career. They
>are also rather less likely to be in management. And it is, far more
>often, WOMEN, not men, who have a career path like that. That fact
>may be fair or unfair, but it is fact.

Buncha old husbands' tales, without an ounce of supporting evidence.

America's secretaries on average have 2.5 years more education than
their bosses, I have read. All that time women supposedly take off
for family matters does not add up to the men's hung-over Mondays that
are kindly buried as "medical leave." How does splitting a 44 hour a
week job between two similar people justify a reduced hourly rate?

This whole thing is the men around the camp fire nervously telling
each other stories 'bout how the wimmin can't hack it -- while the
women are doing the real work.