Re: Riddle for Morty

Paul Bernhardt (
18 Sep 1996 07:49:31 GMT

In article <>, (Abner
Malloty) wrote:

> Um...Prince? Madonna? Roseanne? Oh, I've got it! One-Named Celebrities!

Maybe no-name celebrities since Prince is no longer known as Prince,,, he
is known as that symbol thingy.

> > Who did their darnest to instigate civil rights legislation
> > in the U.S., and coincidentially when dysfunctionality
> > began to take hold... I think you are starting to see the
> > progression here!
> Ooh, yep, a progression. We're back around to...Liberals

I'd not limit it to only liberals, I say Civil Libertarians, of which
there are both liberal and conservative types.

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