Re: if Bigfoot were real what would it be?

Mike/Damon or Peni R. Griffin (
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 17:42:03 GMT

What Ron needs are the works of cryptozoologists. There are plenty
of serious Bigfoot hunters out there, ranging from the scientific to
the flaky right down to the practical jokers, but I don't have a
current source with names right here. The most prominent Bigfoot
hunter to date was Ivan T. Sanderson; the most prominent and
influential overall cryptozoologist, Bernard Heuvelmanns. If you go
to the website listed below and follow the link to the page titled
"All Human Knowledge," you will find links to sites that were working
when I added them, such as to "Gigantopithecus blackii" and *Strange*
Magazine, a good solid all-things-weird magazine whose "Strange
Bookshop" section should get you launched on the wonderful world of
weird critters. Have a good time. The anamolous animals are out
there (or, if they aren't, at least the information on them is!).

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