Re: if Bigfoot were real what would it be?

Lorenzo Love (
17 Sep 1996 03:00:37 GMT (Bryant) wrote:
>This is an amusing thread. How is it, I wonder, that not one hunter, not
>one archaeologist, not one zoologist, has found evidence for the
>existence of a 200 pound gorilla in the un-clearcut remnants of the
>north woods?
>:) Bryant

More like 400 to 600 pounds and nothing like a gorilla. There are
hundreds of reported sighting, footprint casts, photos and even movies.
Are all, some or none of these for real? I don't know. If every sighting
is a fake, then there are hundreds of people involved in the faking.
Grover Krantz thinks there are only about 400 bigfoots (Gigantopithecus
in his view). That would go a long way towards explaining why there is no
more evidence laying around. On the other hand there are hundreds of
photos of ghosts and angels which have been faked by many hundreds of

Lorenzo L. Love