Re: Homosexuality: male & female

Mike/Damon or Peni R. Griffin (
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 17:35:12 GMT

I think that the discussion thus far illustrates something that I have
long suspected (speaking as a self-defined bisexual currently in a
long-term monogamous heterosexual relationship): Homosexuality,
bisexuality, and heterosexuality are not real states. They are terms
which are sometimes useful in discussing human behavior, but as a
means of defining subsets of humans they are completely useless.
When we (meaning homophobic Western society) realize that these labels
have no utility, creating plenty of heat and no light whatsoever, then
perhaps we can fund the studies necessary to understand those aspects
of human sexuality which we actually need to understand -- those that
affect the spread of STDs, and those that create unwanted children.

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