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Paul Bernhardt (
16 Sep 1996 01:58:01 GMT

In article <>, Kerin Forstmanis
<> wrote:

> wrote:
> (a whole lot of crap)
> Do you have to spam the whole world? If you really want an intelligent
> discussion, choose a RELEVENT group and discuss it there. The people
> getting involved in your argument are just as foolish, because they are
> falling for your attempts to disrupt usenet services.

I see your point Kerin, I'd forgotten that I'd encountered this idiot's
posts previously and failed to notice the spam-like quality of his work.

I have pointed out the several fundamental flaws of his argument
sufficiently. I will not participate further because he has been down this
road before and has all kinds of BS responses to legitimate criticisms.

Bottom line mr. pseudo anonymous, if your treatis is so Hot Shit, it
should be easily publishable in a peer reviewed journal. There are several
with a conservative bent that would love your work. The folks who
published the Bell Curve authors in the past would be a good place to

Paul C. Bernhardt, M.S. in Social Psychology (non-clinical)