Re: how many bastards are there, anyway?
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 10:34:16 GMT (sgf) wrote:

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>Hugh Gibbons <> wrote:

>>I don't like this explanation because it relies on fairly dubious
>>(That attractive men have genes that make them able to survive better.)
>>The more conventional and more likely explanation is that females have
>>orgasm to attract them to the act of sex, which results in procreation.
>>Since women are intelligent, men would have a hard time persuading them
>>to engage in sex, knowing the dangers of pregnancy, unless the women
>>got immediate benefit.

>Why do women, then, not orgasm every time? And why is orgasm reachable
>on a far more reliable basis by masturbation, oral sex, direct
>stimulation rather than by male penetration and ejaculation? Seems that if
>the orgasm was the attractive bit, them women would spend far more time
>masturbating and engaging in other sexual practices rather than straight


Perhaps you missed something in your education ??