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Paul Bernhardt (
16 Sep 1996 01:51:46 GMT

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> In the downward equalization spiral precipitated by government
> enforced equality, who has the most to lose and the farthest trip
> downward? Answer: the white male, and secondly, the white female.
> Other minorities are being downwardly equalized, too, but since
> they started in a relatively low position, in many cases equal-
> ization hardly makes a dent in their way of life. Whites are not
> necessarily weak when it comes to reasoning. They are just too
> nice and naive when it comes to dealing with alien forces that
> are out to do them in. You know the old saying: "Nice guys finish
> last!"

This is only true if the economy is a zero sum game. It is obviously not a
zero sum game. The economy constantly grows. It couldn't grow if it were a
zero sum game. Your argument is shown faulty yet again.

You exposed your motives in your previous post when you indicated that
white people would be hurt by wage equalization, whatever that is. You use
big words to make pseudosophisticated sounding arguments to bolster your
apparently racist positions. But when examined your arguments are based on
faulty assumptions such as the one I indicate in the paragraph above. Go

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