Re: Feminist critique of sociobiology...critiqued

Bryant (
12 Sep 1996 13:43:45 -0600

In article <5196v4$>, Susan <> wrote:

>For those interested in reading further about the critique of
>sociobiologists, I just came across an article which has some short
>points to make, plus a more extensive list of references for anyone
>interested in following up. It's an article by Adrienne Zihlman called
>"Misreading Darwin on Reproduction: Reductionism in Evolutionary Theory."
> It's in a volume called Conceiving the New World Order, edited by Faye
>Ginsburg and Rayna Rapp, about the politcs and anthropology of
>reproduction. There's other interesting stuff in there, which varies

Thanks, Susan! Could you review the two or three points you thought were
most interesting for us?