Archaeology in Northern Black Sea Region

Vit A. Botsynovsky (
13 Sep 1996 10:11:08 +0300

OUR PUBLISHING HOUSE <POLIS PRESS> in Odessa, Ukraine, specializes in publishing scholarly works on archaeology and numismatics.
We have published the titles "Essays on the Monetary Circulation in the North-Western Black Sea Region in the Late Roman and Byzantine Periods" by E.S.Stoljarik. Roman Empire - North-western Black Sea region - Coinage and coin circulation, the late third century - fifth century AD. Byzantine Empire - North-Western Black Sea region - Coinage and coin circulation, the late third century - fifth century AD. ($25.00, hardback, 285 pp., 145X210, ill., tables, maps, index). "The City of Tyras" by P.O.Karyshkovs
kij and I.B.Klejman. Greece - Colonies - History, 4th century BC - 4th century AD. Greece - Colonies - Archaeology. Rome - Empire - History. Barbarians - History. Barbarians - Archaeology. ($35.00, hardback, 414 pp.,145X210, ill., tables, maps, index). "Essays in Northern Black Sea Region Numismatics" by N.A.Frolova. The Bosporan Kingdom monetary circulation, 3rd century BC-2nd century AD. Bosporan Kingdom and Rome Empire, policy and coinage. Scythian king Scilurus' coinage and Olbia, comparison with the
Western Black Sea Scythian Kingdoms monetary policy. ($25.00, hardback, 200 pp.,145X210, ill., tables, index). "Bison Hunting and Human Adaptation: A Case of the Comparative Study of the Upper Palaeolithic in Southern Ukraine" by G.E.Krasnokutsky ($20.00, hardback,200 pp.,145X210, ill., tables, maps, index).
We can offer you a Determinant Catalogue of "Ceramic Stamps of Tauric Chersonesus" (2 vols.) by V.L. Katz in Russian. Published by Saratov University. General characteristics - Chersonesian ceramic stamps - Magistrate stamps - Unofficial stamps - The chronological outline of Chersonesian stamping - Catalogue of dies - Magistrate stamps - Unofficial stamps - Determinant of Stamps - 612 drawings are in the 2nd volume - Index - Summary (20 pages) in English ($30.00, hardback, 280 pp. (170X210) plus 500 stam
We plan to issue in the near future bilingual (Russian-English) books "Rare and Unpublished Coins of the Northern Black Sea Littoral Ancient Cities" by V.P.Alekseyev ($10.00, soft binding, 145X210, 25 coins, tables, bibl.) and "Tools, Weapons, and Adornments of the Northern Black Sea Littoral Yamnaya Culture" by L.V.Subbotin ($30, hardback, 200 pp., 210X297, ill., tables, maps, index, bibl.).
Processing the following books is being in progress: "The Bilenke Burial Ground (Relics of the Great Migration Epoch in the Lower Dniester Region)" by A.A.Rossokhatsky ($40.00, hardback, 300 pp., 210X297, 150 ill., tables, maps, index), "Hoards of Roman Coins in Eastern Europe and Transcaucasia" by V.V.Kropotkin ($90.00, hardback, 210X297, ill., tables, maps, index).
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