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| Eric Brunner ( wrote:
| : Paul Gorman ( wrote:
| : : Joel and Lynn Gazis-Sax ( wrote:
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| : : : Perhaps you all have others. The point I would make about these things
| : : : is that they /are not/ Scientific Method. But they sure as hell sneak
| : : : in and wreak their havoc often enough for us to be aware of them.
| :
| : : Ah. Perhaps you'd enlighten us as to what the *true* Scientific
Method is?
| :
| : Before attempting to muddy the waters Paul, starting with an available
| : cite such as Kuhn would be appropriate.
| Having checked the post I responded to I can find no 'availible cite such
| as Kuhn'. Did you have a point?

Errmm, perhaps he wants a reference citation to the works of the most
influential historian and philosopher of science of the past 30 years,
Thomas S Kuhn? The point being that Kuhn (and Feyerabend and many others)
have argued that there is no such thing as *the* scientific method,
although I think that Feyerabend goes too far.

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