Re: ACLU may sue NM Board of Education

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11 Sep 1996 22:33:10 -0700

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>|"It might surprise you that once every year at Georgia College I teach a
>|course on creationism, called BIO 490, it's Biology Seminar. I have my
>|students read their book Scientific Creationism, I have them read Dr. Gish's
>|publications, I have them read the many, uh, some of the books that have been
>|published in rebuttal, I have them hold debates very much like this one at the
>|end of the quarter. Every student is required to debate defending evolution on
>|one day and debate defending creationism on another day."
>|[Taken from the transcript of the 1988 Saladin-Gish debate]
>Is the transcript available online ?

Not that I'm aware of. It's available from the National Center for
Science Education.

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