Re: Affirmative Action (Was: Anthroplogists, I need advice!)

Stephen Barnard (
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 19:11:03 -0800

Bruce Scott TOK wrote:
> Stephen Barnard ( wrote:
> [responding to omar shafey]
> : Affirmative action, no matter how noble its motives, hasn't worked.
> : Your post demonstrates that.
> Not really true. It has worked to a certain degree. Simply compare the
> situation today and the situation which preceded affirmative action. It
> is not an ideal policy but its absence would merely recreate the
> disaster that reigned before its initiation.
> Doing better does not mean going back.
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Everyone has different opinions about this sensitive topic. I have
mine; you have yours. I won't argue with you about it.

Steve Barnard