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>What puzzles me about all this is what they propose to teach in a
>biology class that doesn't teach evolution--modern biology _is_
>evolution. There is no part of biology that is not affected quite
>directly by evolutionary theory. Evolutionary theory is _the_
>theoretical background of _all_ biology. So what the hell are they
>going to teach, even if they don't teach creationism? 18th century

Precisely this was done in my first high school's biology class.
Memorize the names of taxa, the identifying features of them, carve
up a few critters, and maybe mention Mendel (but _not_ Darwin).
This was done in the absence of any state 'equal time' laws.
Even where not illegal or restricted, the theory of evolution
may well not be taught. This was in a state that isn't and wasn't
currently engaged in activities like NM, TN, AL, CA, BC, ... have
been of late. The fact that we aren't hearing about creationist
activities in a state does not mean that the state is teaching
(or even trying to teach) evolution in its biology classes.

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