Re: Evolution, "adaptation", and what's currently adaptive

Len Piotrowski (
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 12:32:58 GMT

In article <50mv0k$> (Bryant) writes:


>Mendelian genetics supports a view of individual organisms as "collections of
>traits," which I understood you to object to.

I don't recall Mendelian genetics explicitly supporting any particular "view"
of an individual organism, but on the contrary, representing an account for
the appearance of phenotypic variations as an expressions of the inheritance
of particular genotypes. I fail to detect a functional explanation to account
for the adaptiveness of these traits in this reasoning, which you seemed to
imply in your original statement. My objections with regard to a view of
organisms as "collections of traits" centered on your methodology, and not
with any perceived problems with Mendelian genetics.