Male genital modification, anyone? :)

Bryant (
5 Sep 1996 22:10:29 -0600

The current issue of _Human Nature_ has an article entitled, "Male
genital modification: A sexual selection interpretation," which looks to
address a number of issues relevant to discussions here at sci.anthro.

For starters, it discusses the comparative method study of animal
peni structures, which should be relevant to discussions of selection and
adaptation. And would give a break to the shriller objectors to
sociobiological studies of breast symmetry and waist-to-hip ratios. :)

Secondly, it presents a functionalist perspective on *cultural*
evolution, which I have been more reluctant than Mr. Firl and others to
approach very often. The validity (or non-) of using sexual selection as
a heuristic for cultural evolution might be explored in this light.

The paper introduces honest signalling theory, the hyperadaptationist and
well-tested theory of how systems of animal communication evolve, and
female orgasm as a component of males fitness, as well.

Since classes have started and I'm just about finished with the papers
I've been visiting sci.anthro as breaks from writing, I will be
contributing (or polluting) this newsgroup considerably less often from
here on. If anybody would like to chat about the genital modification
paper, I'd be delighted. If not, I'll spend more time on homework, I
suppose. Take care.