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Eboka (eboka@aol.com)
6 Sep 1996 00:22:33 -0400

The Ibogaine web page has been redesigned. The page is strange in that
the content to some extent comes from NDA International, the corporation
attempting to make the anti-addictive available through regulatory
agencies, while there is somewhat of a completely independent medical
editor (Michael Bosman) and a service provider (Desk.nl) that that
donates the web page and good cheer.

We never know what to expect when informed changes are coming and would
appreciate comments from one and all. One surprise is that the links that
had previously been between web pages now include newsgroups.

In the United States the Beyond 2000 television series will broadcast an
Ibogaine segment on the Friday, September 6th program at 7:00 PM (same
time everywhere)

(http://www.Ibogaine.Desk.nl) url address