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The lovely and talented (Bryant) wrote:

>In article <>, Lars Eighner <> wrote:
>>>Bryant asked:
>>>I have learned of only one culture in which women could play the
>>>role of husbands (Sioux, I recall). What are the others?
>>Many of the Bantu-speaking peoples have these customs.
>>Female-female marriage was very widespread in sub-Saharan Africa.
>Thank you very much, Lars. That's fascinating.
>I wonder if there are any ecological parameters that correlate with the
>practice, which might be compared to those encountered by the North
>American Sioux, who also practiced female/female marriage.

Wrong question.

The question is: what accounts for the absence of female-female
marriage in cultures where it is absent?

This is what I mean by pointing out the bias inherent in your
questions. Apparently your culture is the norm and it is
up to those that differ to explain themselves.

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