Re: Bastards--long

Michele Tepper (
4 Sep 1996 14:33:53 -0400

In article <50k56a$>, Bryant <> wrote:
>In article <>, Lars Eighner <> wrote:
>>It was not that request, but the prejudicial way in which you
>>frame your questions.
>It occurs to me that many anthropologists are right next to postmodernist
>English professors in their ability to get stuck with "tones" and
>"implications" when faced with a direct, plain question.
>Think about how much time could be saved by simply noting the offensive
>"tone" and then answering the question, rather than letting a thread be
>hijacked by a never-ending exchange about who has been ruder.

Oh, right; presuming he can find an unprejudicial way to reframe your
question to his own satisfaction and answer it, you can then shoot back
that that wasn't the question he asked. Anyone who tells you that form
and content aren't deeply intermeshed probably didn't do too well in
English Composition 101 (or had a lousy teacher).

It seems to me, Bryant, that Lars has answered your questions and in
spades; the only one here who's kvetching about rudeness is you. Let it
go or take it elsewhere, eh?

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