Re: Bastards--long

Bryant (
4 Sep 1996 17:35:47 -0600

In article <>, Lars Eighner <> wrote:
>The lovely and talented (Bryant) wrote:
>>I wonder if there are any ecological parameters that correlate with the
>>practice, which might be compared to those encountered by the North
>>American Sioux, who also practiced female/female marriage.
>Wrong question.
>The question is: what accounts for the absence of female-female
>marriage in cultures where it is absent?

Forgive me, but how is that any different than the question I posed above?

>This is what I mean by pointing out the bias inherent in your
>questions. Apparently your culture is the norm and it is
>up to those that differ to explain themselves.

Surely you're not arguing that female/female marriage is the
species-typical norm (?).

Since the question is substantively identical to the one I posed, I think
you less revealed my "inherent bias" than your silly preoccupation. :)


>=Lars Eighner=