Re: how many bastards are there, anyway?

David Vanecek (
31 Aug 1996 13:15:32 GMT

Rudeboy ( wrote:
: [David Vanecek]
: >: >Both previous posters are using 'cuckold' for its opposite. I have
: >: >corrected this by substituting the word 'adulterer' where approriate.
: >: >'Adulterer' will be kept in quotes, since it is inaccurate; we lack a
: >: >good term for "sire of a bastard regardless of dam's marital status."

: [Arne D Halvorsen]
: >: Philanderer?
: >: Just a suggestion, rest snipped.

: [David Vanecek]
: >A very good one, I had originally used 'rake', but that's too vague.

: This suggest that, under reversed gender circumstances, one might use
: the term 'hoe.'

: Humbly yours,
: Rudeboy

Now that _is_ clever!