Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

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Sat, 31 Aug 1996 08:43:46 -0600

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> Bryant wrote:
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> > I want to make sure that this thread's readers are made aware that I
> > (accidentally) exaggerated the gravity of the situation in NM.
> > Creationism is *not* mandated by the new school board
> > guidelines--evolution has simply been removed as a requirement for
> > biology classes. The issue of creationism is "left open" to the
> > individual teachers.
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> > Bryant
> I don't see how any evolutionist could object to this. States should not
> mandate what shall be taught in a science classroom, right? At
> least that's what you evolutionists argued for in Arkansas & Louisiana.
> Are you pro-choice or not?
> GC

I would also argue against teaching fairy tales in science classes. In
this case has nothing to do with seperation of church and state, has to do
with "What is science?" If it is a)testable (most creationism fails
here), b) falsifiable (ALL creationism fails here), and c) modifiable
(again, ALL creationism fails here) it is, roughly speaking, science and
could be taught. If you want to teach creationism in school in the belief
that it will somehow magically transform some little thug into a good
citizen, teach it in a *elective* Comparative Theology class.

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