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Sat, 31 Aug 1996 05:29:52 MST

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>Robert Snower wrote:
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>> >> The mission of culture has always been seen as the defeat of biology.
>> >> Durkheim... Weber... Freud saw the
>> >> biological force he called the libido
>> >This is historically what was seen. Do you believe they were correct,
>> >or did they have an inadequate understanding of biology?
>> In what way do you think their understanding of biology was
>> inadequate?

>Just for one minor thing, they has no notion of DNA and, in general, the
>basic mechanisms of genetics. Biology has come a long, long way since
>these guys.

> Steve Barnard

Darwin believed, as did most people of his time and before (till the beginning
of written history), that the woman was merely a pod within which grew the
seed planted by the man. This gave no credence to the genetic contribution of
the woman. Believe it or not!

richard f hall