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>>> The mission of culture has always been seen as the defeat of biology.
>>> Durkheim... Weber... Freud saw the
>>> biological force he called the libido

>>This is historically what was seen. Do you believe they were correct,
>>or did they have an inadequate understanding of biology?

>In what way do you think their understanding of biology was

>I believe strongly that they were correct. It is important to keep in
>mind that culture and learning are two different things. All culture
>depends on learning for its transmission from one generation to the
>next, but not all leaning is culture. Technology, for example, is
>not culture in the strict sense I prefer using the term 'culture,'
>even though some prefer to use 'culture' in a broad sense covering any
>acquired, as against inheritable, behavior. The 'culture' I am
>talking about includes its familiar applications; ritual, myth,
>literature, the arts, and also styles, customs, spectator sports, etc.
>All of lthese have an expressly social function.

If your "culture" is stupid, stop honoring it and find a new culture!

>Best wishes. R. Snower