Crow (
27 Sep 1995 14:27:53 GMT (Weazel) wrote:
> Swan, you bring up some interesting thoughts. Personally, my take on the
> idea of kin extends beyond genetic lines. My blood family, for the most
> part, disgusts me. I am descended from a long line of alcoholics,
> luckily, both my parents escaped this disease, and I am healthy and sound
> in mind and body. However, I feel no urge to continue my bloodline. My
> value to my clan is my mind, not my DNA. I will put my intellect to work
> in a manner not unlike a warrior to create the best living conditions for
> my clan, and ultimately, society at large. But, in my case, very few
> members of my clan are related to me by blood.

I am related to all the members of my clan by blood and there are
6000 000 000 of them.