Re: Life Duty Death

Raven (
27 Sep 1995 15:10:20 GMT

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin ( wrote:
| (Beese Erik William) wrote:
|>>Few new diseases actually kill anyone. Older ones are still not a problem.
|>Oh and cancer isn't an old disease... What about HIV?
|HIV is *one* disease. "One" definitely qualifies as "few".

And the Ebola family of filoviruses, like Marburg. And the Hantavirus.

You seem to be using a sliding meaning of "few". "Few new diseases" would
parse as "Few OF the new diseases" -- but if there are only a small number
of new diseases, even one or a few could be a significant portion of them.

|Cancer is a disease of highly advanced societies -- because in less
|advanced societies, hardly anyone lives long enough to contract it.

This does not explain an escalated rate of CHILDHOOD leukemia and other
cancers, such as has occurred in areas near the Nevada nuclear test sites,
several nuclear materials-processing plants, and some toxic waste sites.

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