Re: Life Duty Death

Jim Brewster (
19 Sep 1995 12:39:36 GMT

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> >>No they don't. They depends on that water to live *as*they*
> >>*do*now*. So their water rates would go up a bit. Even tried
> >>to work out the cost of bringing water to LA?
> >I *live* in California! Precicely, in San Francisco. Now, with a city
> >surrounded on 3 sides by water and in a lush green area, you would think
> >we would have water aplenty... we do not! The water system went through a
> >massive drought a couple years ago. We were saving water, lugging
> >dishwater in buckets to flush toiletw with, only flushing solid wastes
> >and letting lawns and gardens die.
> Droughts are special cases because they are so infrequent there
> is not much use in planning for them.

Droughts infrequent? It seems they are the rule rather than the exception
in many parts these days!