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>>: Re the greenhouse-gas thread: True, a lot of methane is pumped out
>>: of the guts of cows. But the vast herds of cows doing the pumping are a
>>: human-made phenomenon. In this as in other respects, global warming is
>>: in *no way* a natural phenomenon.

>> We do not know that for sure. ANd there are numberous arguments that
>>there is a serious global cooling comming up.

>Every opposing argument that has been presented that I have seen has
>been presented by Conservative Politicians, Corporations, and
>scientists whoose income, grants etc are dependent on them. Like the
>scientists who filed all those false reports for the Cigarette
>companies, its a bunch of lies based on personal profit. Global
>environmental distaster is HERE.

>Look at the outrageous number of Tropical Storms, Hurricanes and
>Tsunami's we've had this year (More than any other year on record
>according to several meteorologists). Look at the doubling of the size
>of the hole in the ozone over Antarctica this year (Now the size of
>all of Europe!). Look at the drought that much of the USA has had this
>year, the increase in summer temperatures (including the Worst Summer
>on record for Chicago). Look at the extremely mild winter we had last
>year in regards to snowfall (the least we have had in my memory here
>in the New England States). Something is definitely wrong

Take a one- or two-year phenomenon in a very complex system, and
assume a long-term trend.

>, and man-made.

Not to mention a cause.

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