Re: Life Duty Death

Mel Tremper (
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 20:03:44 -0700

New to board I caught a portion of a thread on pollution--or one person's
rather uninformed denial of pollution and another's attempt to inform.
The earth is a big place, and the degradation of pollution typically
happens so slowly (and usually to "unimportant critters" like wild
animals) and if the stress is stopped and in a limited enough place,
there canbe recovery. Add to all this the great american desire to make
money (and it is easier to make money if you use the air and water as
free sewers for your wastes) and you have the makings of self deluding
arguments that we are not poisoning the world around us, and of course
ourselves in the process. It does no good to get angry at such delusions,
I doubt it does much good to try to counter thenm with reality. But keep