2nd RFD: sci.anthropology.ancient-egypt

Jahzid Allah (allah@sunsite.unc.edu)
19 Sep 1995 17:17:49 -0000

unmoderated group sci.anthropology.ancient-egypt

CHANGES from previous RFD:

The proposed name of the group has been changed from
sci.anthropology.kmt to sci.anthropology.ancient-egypt.


Out of consideration of respecting various worldviews, and examining the
purpose of said persons who orchestrated the formulation of
sci.anthropology.egyptian, it is proposed that the following group be
submitted for indoctrination into the Usenet heirarchy:


The name requested is a change from the original name requested, which was
sci.anthropology.kmt. This is allow people who are unfamiliar with the
term Kmt to find the newsgroup. Kmt (Kemet) is the phoenetic spelling for
Ancient Egypt as was written in the ancient Mtu Ntr (Metu Neter). It does not
include vowels because the Mtu Ntr did not include vowels in its written form.

This group has been request by virtue of the following reasons:

- soc.culture.egypt is centered more around the cultural aspects of the Nation
of Egypt rather than the Civilization of Kmt and its influences. Kmt is the
the name of the Civilization that resided in North-East part of the continent
called Africa which the ancient people at that time gave to themselves.

- the constant deliberation and debate on racial and ethnic origins of the
people of Ancient Kmt have distracted patriots and citizens of the Nation of
Egypt from conducting discourse on soc.culture.egyptian in regards to
discussing contempory issues related to cultural and scholastic issues of the
Nation of Egypt.

CHARTER: sci.anthropology.ancient-egypt

- sci.anthropology.ancient-egypt would be a forum for discussing the
the anthropological and societal nature of Kmt which is popularly
known as Ancient Egypt.

- the scope of sci.anthropology.ancient-egypt would include discussion
on how Kmt Civilization made contributions to civilizations both
ancient and modern, both positive and negative.

- the group would include discussion on classical works written in the
Ancient Egyptian language such as the Pert Em Hru (The Chapters of
Coming forth by Day), The Litany of Ra, the Discussion between a Man
and his Ba and so forth.

- presentations would be made in conjunction with discussion from the
sci.anthropology and sci.archeology hierarchies concerning the racial,
ethnic, and linguistic characteristics of the Kmt civilization prior
to the Early Dynastic Period, and on toward the Later Dynastic

This should be able to clear up some of the confusion and excess
negative magnetism of continual arguments, not discussions that take
place on the soc.culture.egyptian newsgroup. I see the
soc.culture.egyptian newsgroup primary interest is in discussing the
PRESENT day culture of the Nation-State of Egypt, as was initally set
up by its original founders, and that there goal in keeping the topic
in perspective is understandable. However a forum must exist for
intelligent discussion of the facets of Kmt Civilization its origins
and its influence on the cultures of the present day. The Kmt
Civilization has a wealth of artifacts that bear witness to its
existence and granduer, just as the Greacian/Macedonia culture of
Europe. For this reason, it deserves special attention in regards to
developing a full scale appraisal of its worth as measured to other
Civilizations, ancient and modern, that have existed or exist on the



This article continues a discussion that will last for a few weeks in
news.groups, and in that group ONLY. This 2nd RFD is basically
stating a change in the name of the proposed newsgroup. This was a
result of previous discussion already for this newgroup. Please make
sure ALL followups go to that group and do NOT crosspost them to ANY

At the end of the discussion period, a call for votes (CFV) will be
issued if there are no strong objections to the final proposal. The
CFV will give all the directions needed for voting.

Now is NOT the time to vote or to send e-mail to the proponent, but
instead to make comments and suggestions about the proposal in
news.groups. The proponent will try to address all reasonable
questions and requests about this proposal during the discussion in
news.groups. Therefore participation in the discussion is strongly


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