Yodelling all over the world

Martin Auer (100571.2073@CompuServe.COM)
18 Sep 1995 11:58:47 GMT

I am looking for recordings of yodels all over the world.
"The yodel is a musical phrase or melody that is sung or warbled
so that the low-register (chest) and high-register (falsetto)
notes alternate rapidly. Each syllable ends with a light glottal
stop for emphasis. These rapid variations in tone and pitch
convey the joyful spirit characteristic of Alpine folk songs. Any
cry resembling this musical mode may also be referred to as a
yodel. The yodel often functions as a long-distance signaling or
communications medium in mountainous or forested terrain where
visual contact is difficult. It is found throughout the Alps, in
the mountains of Kentucky and China, among the forest-dwelling
Pygmies of Africa, and among some Australian aboriginal groups."
(Groliers) Forms of yodelling are also found in Romania,
Grusinia, Mexico, South America, Melanesia, Papua-New Guinea,
among the Innuit, Lapps and the Chippewa.
All hints on recorded yodels are welcome, including libraries,
radio-stations etc. But most helpful of course would be hints on
records still on sale somewhere or people or institutions willing
to send a copy of recordings in their possession.
This is for a scientific film project.
Please e-mail to: Martin Auer, 100571.2073@compuserve.com

Martin Auer