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[The following might be of interest to some readers of this newsgroup.
The main character of the story is a paleoanthropologist writing a
book about H. erectus, and H. erectus plays a significant role in the

Starting today, a politically incorrect vision of a nightmare
tomorrow . . .

Patrick H. Adkins

author of the Ace/Berkley books
Lord of the Crooked Paths
Master of the Fearful Depths
Sons of the Titans

When anthropologist Carl Stevens looks out at what used
to be his quiet suburban neighborhood, he muses that
his whole world seems to have changed. He has no idea
how right he is. . . .

The landscape he finds is chillingly different from the
days of his childhood. Predatory bands of machete-
wielding youths roam the night and his neighbors seem
to be regressing into prehistoric savages--complete
with prehuman cranial features.

As civilization collapses all around him into depravity
and madness, he discovers that the most reasonable
thing a sane man can do is arm himself to the teeth and
try to find a way out.

A gripping tale of suspense and headlong action, "The
Third Beast" is also a timely, politically incorrect
parable of an all-too-recognizable tomorrow.

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Here's what some well known authors and a distinguished science
fiction and fantasy journal had to say about Patrick H. Adkins'
earlier work:

"Patrick Adkins is a natural-born storyteller. . . .
The man knows how to spin a tale of wonder."
--Mike Resnick

"A most entertaining fantasy story, with a great deal
of originality." --Poul Anderson

"Patrick Adkins has inherited the dawn-dipped, phoenix-
feather quill of Thomas Burnett Swann." --Roger Zelazny

"Intriguing . . . Adkins has done an excellent job of
bringing together the names of legend and giving them
character and motivation." --LOCUS

And here's an early reaction to Adkins' new novel, "The Third

"An impressive accomplishment . . . [a] really night-
marish fantasy, replete with thrills. . . . I found
the story fascinating, its effect powerful."
--Paul Spencer, SF & fantasy author and critic

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