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Raven (
18 Sep 1995 03:43:31 GMT

Jim Brewster ( wrote:
| (Javilk) wrote:
|> In some governmental systems, patronage, nepotism, and other things
|>which we democratic people call FRAUD, is rampant. (Not so say we don't
|>have some degree of this here too!) It is not America's position to
|>overthrow every corrupt nation's government. The people of each nation
|>have a duty TO THEMSELVES, to arainge their affairs to maximize their own
|>benefits. If they do not do so, if they put up with corrupt leaders, that
|>is THEIR problem.
|In fact, America's position has been to support corrupt governments and
|overthrow less corrupt ones based primarily on their receptiveness to
|economic imperialism. Governments that are not favorable to US corporate
|interests are pressured by all means at our disposal to fall in line. Look
|at our covert wars in Central America during the 1980's, and our lingering
|warlike policy toward Cuba.

In Central America, you could look all the way back to the "banana republics"
(so called because they were installed for the convenience of US fruit
companies); similarly, the elected government of Iran in the 1950's (led by
Mossadegh), which had nationalized its oil wells, was overthrown by the CIA
in favor of the Shah, who obligingly gave US and British oil companies a much
freer hand. The USA has repeatedly intervened in other nations' politics,
for its own convenience -- even if that meant more corruption & less freedom.

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