Re: required reading

Eric N Shook (
17 Sep 1995 22:37:44 GMT

Kushtyrye ( wrote:
: i am looking for a bibliography of required reading in cultural
: anthropology - i guess a grad school list or some such as i have seen
: before when i got my bachelors degree - is there a WWW site for this (or
: any anthro related)? thanks - joe m.

It certainly would be nice to see such a thing maintained.
I've been thinking of offering to do a WWW page for the UWM Anthro
dept., but then, I am not even allowed to declare this area as my
MJR. as of yet, so it may be a while... But, I am certainly interested
in seeing anybodies thoughts on the benefits or political
disadvantages to this type of list being maintained on the Web.

Perhaps just a review area would be more worthy?