Re: Life Duty Death

Jim Brewster (
18 Sep 1995 14:43:34 GMT

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> Jim Brewster ( wrote:

> : You seem to assume that this is an even playing field, that people and
> : governments actually have or know how to use the power to "arrange their
> : affairs to maximize their own benefits." It's like telling a homeless
> : person to get a job, ignoring how the cards are stacked.
> It never is a level playing field. But at some point, a people have to
> stand up and do something. You can not invade a country and make them
> free if the people don't want to BE free. (I think we have tried this in
> the past...) History is full of rebellions against unfavorable
> governments.

No, but my point was that we have often invaded or otherwise coerced
countries into retaining these unfavorable governments. The international
communist conspiracy was primarily a hoax generated to justify our
aggressive military buildup and pro-corporate foreign policy. And our
policy to "invade a country and make them free" had little to do with how
free they were or were not, but had everything to do with their
government's economic policies.